Friday, 21 October 2011

My top three favorite hijab online stores

If you are looking for something fresh, new, trendy,  edgy and unique then you gotta visit designs and manufacture modest clothing for women.  They have a wide range of Hijabs / scarves, abayas / dresses, tops, long skirts, pants for women at a reasonable price. They have been gaining lots of popularity as their clothes have perfect detailing and fantastic style elements.   Get 5% off your whole purchase when you use the discount code (MHSTYLE0611). Enjoy some of the tutorials of 

My Trendy Hijab

Thanks to My Trendy Hijab for introducing beautiful RUFFLE hijab this year.  One of my favorite hijab of 2011.  You have probably seen me wearing them in most of my tutorials.  In fact I loved them so much that I did my first hijab tutorial using ruffle hijab by "My Trendy hijab".  Let me tell you the beauty of this hijab.  They are light in weight and give lots of volume without wearing flower clips. BEST for summer to keep you cool.  I say if you dont have one PLEASE get one here:
Check out the pics/video of ruffle hijab :)

Hijab Fashion Shop

Last but not least my 3rd favorite hijab online store is Hijab Fashion Shop.  What do I love most about this store? CUSTOMER SERVICE.   Hijab Fashion Shop doesnt only carry a wide range of hijabs, accessories and bonnets but provides an amazing customer service. The most beautiful gift I ever received from hijab fashion shop was the prayer mat which i always keep it with me in my bag. If you want to get excellent customer service then please click here:
Some of my collection from Hijab Fashion Shop :)


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  2. So glad you are doing blog posts aswell mashallah! Keep it up! Your hijab fashion shop album on your page is my favourite! You wear all the styles so well! May Allah always bless you and keep you smiling! Xxxxxx

  3. Many more sites like could be added in this list. I've shopped hijabs from Eastessence. They have a huge collection of hijabs in different and stylish pattern.

  4. Any exploration of traditional Muslim clothing cannot be considered complete without an in-depth discussion of the Hijab Store Online, a traditional Muslim headscarf worn by Muslim women around the world. Although the hijab is worn in different regions in various manifestations with respect to length, color and design, a unifying trend with its roots in modest and conservative fashions, is slowly emerging.