Monday, 16 April 2012

Abaya Addict: The Online Clothing Store

The GETAWAY - Jersey Dress $135 and now on sale for $104

Abaya Addict started as a company that aims to bring unique abayas & Caftans to the finger-tips of muslim women.  Their goal is to become a one-stop-shop for muslims fashionistas around the world.  At Abaya addict you will the perfect caftan for an event, an elegant abaya to cover-up at a wedding or at a the masjid & trendy contemporary muslimah is proud to wear.

Dr. Deanna Khalil is an Italian-Palestinian Optomertrist and Fashion Designer who grew up in CHicago.  After graduating Optometry school, she moved to Dubai with her husband and decided  it was time to really startt creating the line she had always dreamed of. She started with a tailor and the project has now grown to feature a factory-line that creates her long-sleeved dresses with no slits, shirts with cover what need to be covered and hijabs that scream "I'M unique".

SHe works to create flattering silhouettes that look good on all body types and that reflect the basics of every girl's wardrobe while lining it with bold pieces that bring out the beauty in hijab.

She also has a bridal line, in which she creates one of a kind custom-tailored bridal abayas  and capes that can mimic or match a muslim brides wedding dress.

Location - Abaya Addict is located in Dubai, ,UAE. The factory is in the heart of Dubai.  Abaya Addict is primarily conducted over the internet via fb and their website:

Shipping Charges - ABAYA ADDICT ships everywhere worldwide. Shipping cost to the US & CANADA are the same. UK is slightly cheaper to send items to. The cost to ship 1-2 dress/caftan/abaya is roughly $15.99 & is received in roughly 3 weeks time. This price is comparable to how much we pay for shipping within the US for similar items! Of course, since the items are coming from Dubai, the cheapest shipping option gets the product in your hands in 3-4 weeks time, but there are quicker alternatives.

Return Policy - The abayas/caftans/hijabs and bridal line have a NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE POLICY, simply because these are ONE SIZE FITS ALL, made quite loose in nature & often times these items are CUSTOMIZED.

So far this hasn’t been a problem since we only sell HIGH QUALITY items that we believe in! In the rare case that an item does arrive damaged or mishandled by customs or border patrol, we do issue returns!

The CLOTHING LINE—we do have a no return policy but we accept exchange for other sizes. Keep in mind that we only make 4-6 of each item in each size, so by the time you receive your item you may find that the next size needed is sold out or no longer available.

To minimize this problem we have a sizing chart on the website which reflects our sizes & we encourage our clients to take their measurements before placing an order so they save from the hassle of sending items back to DUBAI, which is often pricey at at the expense of the customer. Also, if you pay for an item and it is no longer in stock, we issue full refunds within 1-3 business days for any items not available.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lala e banafsh by Acacia - 25% off when you use discount code "FBSAM"

Acacia Label is an Australian registered business. They aim to create a name for themselves for classy and exquisite eastern fashion label while making fashion accessible to any individual.  Acacia Label’s 6th Collection has worked with Maram and Abroo’s salon and Studio ‘Boudoir’ for a photo shoot featuring Pakistan’s upcoming ace model Rabia Butt.

Lala e banafsh. It is made up of lace and is lined with silk. The frock has a Purple / Lilac Pure Chiffon dopatta with chooridar made out of stretch material. Other options for lowers can be a shalwar or a trouser in silk. Price US$ 204 / CAD 204 / GBP127 (Without postage).

Stitching: Acacia Label is very meticulous on advocating their stitched clothes do not give way, do not rip open, and with no loose ends. Comunication with customers: Acacia Label’s team can communicate in both English / Urdu. Once an order is placed phone number for personalised service is given.

Care Instructions: When dealing with pure material such pure Chiffon and pure Silk, it would be ideal to have them dry cleaned to retain the vibrancy of colors and strength of material.

Acacia Label's team reveals that they are making an attempt to move away from the general Facebook sellers and aiming to steer into the mainstream. The team currently is working with a renowned female led team of photographers in Pakistan and renowned Pakistani models. In addition they are in talks with magazines such as Libas International / Asian Woman for an unbiased design review opportunity

Dont forget to check out the video :)