Monday, 31 October 2011

My Skin Care Routine

With Obagi-C Rx, you’re on your way to healthier, refreshed, revitalized skin from cell to surface. The Obagi-C Rx System offers the benefits of both prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone and potent Vitamin C to correct signs of skin damage and help restore and maintain younger-looking skin.

Obagi-C Rx System products are ideal if you have:
  • Minimal fine lines
  • Minimal unevenness of skin tone
  • Mild hyperpigmentation and minimal age spots
  • Intolerance to, or are not ready for, more aggressive anti-aging regimens
  • Dry, normal, oily, or even sensitive skin

Obagi-C Rx System C-Cleansing Gel
Prepares and conditions skin to optimize penetration of the system. Enhances skin clarity.

Obagi-C Rx System C-Exfoliating Day Lotion
Exfoliates the outermost layer of the skin to enhance penetration of active ingredients. Antioxidant activity neutralizes free radicals and prevents future damage. Option with sunscreen (SPF 12) also available.

Obaji-C Rx System C-Sun Guard SPF 30
Prevents premature aging from UVA/UVB radiation. Protects skin radiance.

Obagi-C Rx System C-Clarifying Serum
First and only 4% hydroquinone + Vitamin C serum with L-ascorbic acid Vitamin C. Penetrates the dermal layers to reduce melanosome activity while promoting more even skin tone and providing potent antioxidant therapy.  

The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently, yet thoroughly removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone. Removing these impurities has been shown to allow a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C, and better prepares skin for other products. 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Winter Hijab Styles and Tips

So how do you wear your hijab in winter?  There are so many ways to keep yourself warm.  You can wear two hijabs and layer them up or accessorize them with fancy cute hats like i did in the below video.  Check them out!

Try Kasni Ruffle Wrap from the volume collection - 
5% Discount Code (MHSTYLE0611)

GAP factory outlet - Black and Grey hat with bow - $11 (on sale) H&M - Black knitted hat - $12

Friday, 21 October 2011

My top three favorite hijab online stores

If you are looking for something fresh, new, trendy,  edgy and unique then you gotta visit designs and manufacture modest clothing for women.  They have a wide range of Hijabs / scarves, abayas / dresses, tops, long skirts, pants for women at a reasonable price. They have been gaining lots of popularity as their clothes have perfect detailing and fantastic style elements.   Get 5% off your whole purchase when you use the discount code (MHSTYLE0611). Enjoy some of the tutorials of 

My Trendy Hijab

Thanks to My Trendy Hijab for introducing beautiful RUFFLE hijab this year.  One of my favorite hijab of 2011.  You have probably seen me wearing them in most of my tutorials.  In fact I loved them so much that I did my first hijab tutorial using ruffle hijab by "My Trendy hijab".  Let me tell you the beauty of this hijab.  They are light in weight and give lots of volume without wearing flower clips. BEST for summer to keep you cool.  I say if you dont have one PLEASE get one here:
Check out the pics/video of ruffle hijab :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NYX vs MAC / Haul from Hautelook

NYX eye shadow: Violetta
Nyx Blush: Mocha

Asalamu-alaikum Ladies

I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about NYX cosmetics.  I always heard about NYX but never bothered to buy them as i thought they were cheap in cost, so how can they be good in quality?  Recently when Hautelook had an amazing sale on NYX I decided to take advantage of this sale (and I am glad i did). I got my order from Hautelook last week and I was very pleased with the eye shadows and blushes.  They are highly pigmented to deliver intense color and they are not powdery at all.  They are easy to blend and are long lasting. I think the only difference between MAC and NYX is they are way cheaper in COST :)

With the popularity of this dynamic colour cosmetic line and outstanding prices, NYX is becoming one of the most up and coming cosmetic lines in North America.  In Canada you can find NYX at Rexall Pharmacy or purchase them online.

I would also like to get your opinion.  How would you compare them? Do you think they are somewhat similar or totally different? Which one would you purchase?  Feel free to share :)
Would I purchase NYX products again? YES :)
MAC single eye shadow: $18
NYX single eye shadow: $6.99
NYX @ hautelook - $3 
NYX Trio - $10.99 each
NYX Trio @ hautelook - $4.83

NYX Blush - $9.99
3 NYX Blushes @ hautelook - $11
The following items are ordered from Hautelook :)


Monday, 17 October 2011

Upcoming Events In Mississauga (October 2011)

ILM Sisterhood Event
Please come and take advantage of this amazing event. Support all the new hijabies and get tips on wearing hijabs/makeup in different styles :)

What & When?
1) "Hijab Styles & Makeup Workshop" on October 22nd, 2011 @ 3pm-4pm by ME :)
2) One day SALE on everything @
3) Support & Help new Hijabi sisters event @ 4pm-6pm

5080 Timberlea Blvd, Unit 23, Mississauga L4W 4M2

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Volume Collection By

What can I say about these gorgeous volumized hijabs?  They are unique and trendy.  You dont have to do much to style them,  they are absolutely easy to wear.  Best for winters to keep you warm and in style!

Aks Ruffle Hijab (Black)
This gorgeous scarf adds not only some stylish ruffles, it also gives volume to your hijab. A perfect piece in your fall wardrobe.

Laal Gathered Wrap Scarf (Red)
This gorgeous red georgette wrap scarf adds volume to your style. Goes perfectly with your fall grays and blacks.

Kaasni Ruffle Wrap (Purple)
A very unique and stunning jersey ruffles hijab with traditional Chinese silk banding on both ends. The length and the design of the scarf allows you to wrap it in so many ways.

Rikat Wrap Scarf (Blue & White)
This jersey wrap scarf with stripes and polka dot ruffles give you a stylish and contemporary look.

Kora Crinkle Wrap Scarf
A delicate crinkle georgette hijab. The size of this sophisticated hijab allows you to style it in many different ways.

Get a 5% discount when you shop from Discount Code - (MHSTYLE0611)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

2011 Winter/Fall Makeup Styles

2011 Makeup Styles

Lips Go Bold!
The lips, for a change, plan to get bright and vivacious in 2011. The colors, so chosen, will increase your sexiness and charisma. Lip color shades that are definitely in include red, orange, violet, and hot pink, as they will attract immense attention. To enhance your seductiveness, try out a matte version of any of these shades with a clean finish outline, using a lip pencil. How about wearing luscious lips by going just outside the lip line?

Go Natural!
Makeup artists just cannot get over this simple, elegant yet natural look. The year 2011 will yet again see women donning natural makeup due to its never-ending popularity. And why not, after all, natural makeup is the best way to create value to your natural beauty, without putting in much effort yet giving you a trendy and fabulous appearance. With subtle cheeks defined with a touch of blush, mascara on your eyelashes, and bare lips or natural looking lipstick, you are all set to move out and draw the much-needed attention.

Eyes Get Bright!
All you women having beautiful and gorgeous eyes, here is good news! You can enhance their attractiveness by adorning them up with some bold and bright eye makeup. Eye shadows include bold shades, such as orange, pink, green, and blue. These are must-try colors to enhance the beauty of your eyes and generate attention. However, make sure that you cover up your marks and bumps with concealer and foundation, as this makeup suits flawless skin the best. Cover your upper lashes with a black eyeliner and black mascara for your eyelashes. For lips, you can either leave them bare or heat them up with a red colored lipstick.

Smoke’s In Too!
Looks like the makeup industry just does not get tired of experimenting with smokey makeup! Reason being, smokey makeup is not only easy to apply, but great to look at and hence, fails to lose its beauty anytime. With just a few tips and tricks, you can easily master the art of applying smokey eye makeup. For a trendy and stylish look, go for black and gray eye shadow, while if you prefer enhancing and beautifying your eyes, opt for dark blue. Complement your eyes with highlighted cheekbones in shades of bronze, orange, caramel or chocolate.