Monday, 2 January 2012

Review: Chic White Raschel lace Frock By Acacia Label

Acacia Label is an Australian registered business. They aim to create a name for themselves for classy and exquisite eastern fashion label while making fashion accessible to any individual.

White Raschel lace frock

  • Golden hand worked French lace bodice
  • Velvet and Silk detail at the hem.
  • Accompanied with Golden Chooridar (buyer has the option of Chooridar / Pants / Shalwar) and can consult Acacia on what can work and what doesnt.
  • Dopatta for the dress is off-white with Golden lace at the hem and Maroon piping on all sides
Measurements: Acacia Label uses pre-defined form which the buyer fills out and sends across to the Acacia Label team, measurements can be either in inches or cm’s. 
Things to note; measurements are not seen by any other team member other than the person handling the customer, giving any woman the comfort of keeping their measurements theirs.

Acacia Label is very meticulous on advocating their stitched clothes do not give way, do not rip open, and with no loose ends.

Price AED 433/ AUD 115 / CAD 119 (Without postage), its fixed price other than if you become their regular customers. Last I know they were about to launch a referral campaign, but that’s still in works and most probably due in late January 2012. 

Comunication with customers: Acacia Label’s team can communicate in both English / Urdu. Once an order is placed phone number for personalised service is given. 
Packaging: You would describe how was the packaging done? and mention that Acacia is working on improving their packaging such as recently they've developed their own silk based clothes Labels (picture is as attached).

Delivery is always done via EMS (EMS is fast / reliable and insured for any country), you would mention how long it took you to receive your parcel as it was posted on 3rd December 2011. 
Payment Method: Acacia Label requests payment to be either via Paypal or deposit into their Australian bank account, both are safe and reliable. Paypal is of convenience to ebay users as well who if they buy Acacia Labels deisgn via eBay they can pay via Paypal and get covered under their buyers protection program on eBay.

Washing / Handling: Hand-wash or dry clean only. Low iron. 

Refunds / Problems: Acacia Label claims their finished designs are given intense attention to detail and follow various Quality Assurance that the buyer will not have to complain or request for a refund. Still they claim to listen and resolve the problems related to sizes and material provided the design is sent back to them in complete and in the same method as initially posted (EMS + insurance). Acacia will not cover postage costs.

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